Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photographs Receive International Award, B&W Special Issue #84 Available for Purchase Worldwide

Originally published on Facebook, Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 9:01pm.

This week, the Special Issue #84 of B&W + Color featuring the 2011 Black and White Portfolio Competition Awards arrived on newsstands in the US and Europe.

Of the 498 international artists that submitted over 8,000 photographs for the competition, work from my project Hurricane Ike: Images from the Debris Field was selected for a Merit Award. From that series of photos, three images from the project were published in this issue on pages 90-91: Beatles Record, 2008; Electric Stove Coil, 2008; and Playboy, Vol. 33, No. 12 – December, 1986, 2008.

Published in over 50 countries, B&W + Color is a prestigious photographic journal featuring black and white and, beginning recently, color fine art photography from international artists. Issue #84 can be purchased in the US at major booksellers (Barnes & Nobel, Books-a-Million, Borders Books, Book People, etc.) and newsstands, as well as online via B&W + Color’s website.

As I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia, the magazine will not be available here for several more weeks. Thankfully, Marie-Louise Cadosch (blog), a photographer from Switzerland also featured in the issue with a Merit Award, was kind enough to provide a scan of the magazine cover and pages featuring my work.
Beatles Record, 2008
18.2 X 20.9 inches (46.2 X 53 cm)
Copyright 2008 Richard Allen Ashmore - All Rights Reserved.
Electric Stove Coil, 2008
19.3 X 21.9 inches (49 X 55.6 cm)
Copyright 2008 Richard Allen Ashmore - All Rights Reserved.
Playboy, Vol 33, No 12 - December 1986, 2008
19.3 X 24.6 inches (49 X 62.4 cm)
Copyright 2008 Richard Allen Ashmore - All Rights Reserved.

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