Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Silvershotz Folios are Available for Order for a Limited Time!

Originally published on Facebook, Friday, October 28, 2011 at 9:05am. 

Copies of the 2011 Silvershotz Folios, which includes my portfolio Hurricane Ike: Images from the Debris Field is now available for order on the Silvershotz website for $10.00 USD each.

This is the 4th annual Folios, and includes the work of 31 photographers from 12 countries for the prestigious publication.  Silvershotz distributes 10,000 folio journals to 1400 bookstores in 17 countries plus a further 2,000 journals are mailed free of charge to leading galleries and institutions in 19 countries.

The Silvershotz 2011 Folios journal is a special edition collection of contemporary emerging artists who are carefully selected by a jury panel of industry experts. Photographers from around the world must submit a folio of 15 images. The images are selected on the following criteria: technical skills, a themed and cohesive body of work, consistent excellence in every image in the folio and the intellect behind the folios presented.

Previous folio participants have been offered one person exhibitions, have had their work reproduced in publications and sold more work to collectors.

The goals of the annual Silvershotz Folios are: (1) assist contemporary photographers around the world to promote their work in an ever increasing competitive market place, (2) provide photographic artists with introductions to galleries, collectors and institutions around the world to further their careers - the folio acts as a formal introduction and recommendation, (3) the credibility provided by the folio annual is an important milestone to add to their CV, (4) encourage experimentation in a range of genres and styles, establishing benchmarks for artists by providing information and guidance, and (5) provide inspiration to all photographic artists and students by acting as a silent mentor to thousands of photographers worldwide who require guidance, information and inspiration in their quest for success.

The 2011 jury panel included:
Clive Waring-Flood, Editor, Silvershotz Magazine, UK & Australia
Mary Meyer, Gallery owner & publisher, Australia
Tim Rudman-FRPS, Fine art photographer, printer, author, educator, UK
Rosemary Wilman - Hon FRPS, President of The Royal Photographic Society to September 2011, UK
Stephen Perloff, editor of The Photo Review & The Photograph Collector, USA
Richard William Gadd, Director- Weston Gallery, USA

 Woman's Right Shoe, 2008
Size: 19.3 X 21.9 inches (49.0 X 55.7 cm)
Copyright 2008 Richard Allen Ashmore – All Rights Reserved.

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